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Sinus Lift

Sinus Lift in Miami Lakes, FL

It is a surgical procedure that adds extra bones to your upper jaws in the area between your maxillary sinus and jaws. It is a critical surgery procedure executed by experienced oral surgeons. It adds to your jawbone’s height by lifting the sinus membrane. The additional bones might come from other parts of your body. The dentist will discuss it with you at the initial consultation. Gum disease, tooth loss, and sinus shaping are reasons you might need this surgery. If you want to know the scopes of this surgery and find out if it is the right solution for your oral conditions, contact us at Trust Dental in Miami Lakes, Florida. We have experienced surgeons on board who can execute the procedure perfectly by using advanced equipment.

When do you need this surgery?

There are several situations where you might find these lifting surgeries to be helpful:

What are the benefits of a sinus lift?

The sinus lift surgery offers several benefits like:
If you are undergoing surgery to get dental implants, you must be patient. Once the surgery is done, it would need six months at least for the surgery site to heal before your dentist can start with the implant procedure. Going for implants without adequate bones will lead to failures. So if you are planning to get dental implants, visit our dental clinic to check if you have got enough bones to execute the procedure or not.


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