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Oral Cancer screenings

Oral Cancer screenings in Miami Lakes, FL

Regular check-ups at your dentist’s clinic can help you more than just improve the appearance of your smile. It can help you to detect oral cancer at an early stage. Oral cancer has become quite common these days, and it is curable if the treatment starts at the initial stage. When you schedule your comprehensive check-up visit to Trust Dental, we conduct oral cancer screening to tick off the possibilities. If our dentists witness something unusual in your mouth, like lumps, he might suggest you for further screening or send you to a specialist. So if you are coming for your regular dental check-ups, talk to us about getting your oral cancer screening.

Who needs an oral cancer screening?

Getting this screening done becomes more important if you are exposed to the possibilities of acquiring the disease. Some habits that make you more prone to getting oral cancer are as follows:

What happens during the screening?

If your dentist notices something unusual inside your mouth, he might suggest you come for another appointment to see any further changes. He might also ask you to get a biopsy done by taking a small tissue sample from the concerned area. Once the biopsy report comes, your dentist will suggest the next steps.

The oral cancer screening would involve the dentist looking at all the parts of your mouth. The examination takes around 5 minutes. This screening aims to see if there are any lumps, spots, or something unusual in your spit. If you ever notice something unusual, do not waste any time and consult a doctor immediately. Regular check-ups can help you detect this deadly disease at an early stage when it is easily curable. Remember that not all spots and lumps are cancerous, so you should visit your dentist before concluding anything.


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