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Comprehensive Exams

Comprehensive Exams in Miami Lakes, FL

Just like your overall health, your teeth, too, need routine examinations. This overall and thorough evaluation is necessary to ensure your oral health. Your dentist will conduct a comprehensive check-up on your mouth to see if any changes have occurred since your last visit. At Trust Dental in Miami Lakes, Florida, you will receive a comprehensive oral examination from the town’s best dentists. We will first conduct a visual inspection followed by x-rays to ensure the conditions of your jaws, teeth, and other allied structures. Dentists recommend a dental clinic visit at least once in six months. In case of special oral needs, you will need to visit the clinic as frequently as your dentist recommends. When you come to our office for an initial consultation, we will brief the whole treatment procedure to you after understanding your oral issues.

What happens during a periodic dental exam?

If you are coming for a regular periodic examination, the treatment will consist of the following:

Why do we need a Periodic Exam?

Periodic dental examinations are a critical measure to protect not only your oral but also your overall health. Dental infections can lead to heart problems, diabetes, lupus, etc., apart from severe dental issues that might result in teeth loss. If your dentist finds any disease indication during the periodic examination, he might refer you to a doctor. During these sessions, you will get tips from professionals about caring for your teeth and detecting oral health issues at an early stage. Early detection of health issues will make them easily treatable. After your comprehensive dental examination, we will give you a detailed report and discuss the diagnosis process in case of any issues. Based on the report, we will design your treatment’s next steps after considering your preferences. Firstly, we will conduct a clinic teeth clean-up session, and in case your gums are weak, or it shows signs of infections, we will prescribe proper medications. You can achieve a healthy oral state by following a daily oral hygiene routine and coming for a regular clinical check-up.


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