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Extractions and Bone Graft

Extractions and Bone Graft in Miami Lakes, FL

Apart from impacted wisdom teeth, there are several other reasons you might need an extraction. Excessive decay, damage, infections, and crowding beyond repair can be solved by extraction. Sometimes, before wearing braces, you might need a tooth extraction to allow the other teeth to shift into place. The procedure is performed by experienced dentists or dental surgeons, depending on the complexity of your issue.

Bone Grafting is done if you have a jawbone loss. It is primarily required before you get dental implants so that your jawbones can perfectly hold them in place.

What are the different types of extractions?

Depending on whether your tooth is impacted or visible, extraction can either be simple or surgical:

What are the advantages of bone grafting?

Bone grafting is performed when you do not have enough jawbone density. Some advantages of the procedure are:
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