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Nightguards in Miami Lakes, FL

Stress has become an eminent part of our life. And with stress comes teeth clenching and teeth grinding at night. You might not even know that you have teeth-grinding issues while asleep, but you will wake up with painful jaws, headaches, etc. In such cases, you should get a customized nightguard that would fit your mouth perfectly.

Nightguards are mouthpieces that you can wear at night to prevent your upper and lower jaw from coming together. This means clenching or grinding can be prevented easily. If your jaws and muscles are painful, do not hesitate to contact us at Trust Dental in Miami Lakes, FL. Our dentists will conduct a thorough check-up and customize a nightguard according to the shape of your mouth. You will feel comfortable wearing them.

What are the symptoms of teeth grinding?

The warning signs that you might have teeth grinding issues would include:

Why should you get nightguards?

There are several reasons for you to get a customized nightguard, like:
Nightguards are comfortable, and they can alleviate the symptoms of teeth grinding. It would reduce your pain and help you to sleep comfortably. Call our dental office in Miami Lakes, FL- Trust Dental to get your customized nightguards.


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