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Gum contouring

Gum contouring in Miami Lakes, FL

A gummy smile is when you display your gums excessively while smiling. It makes your teeth appear shorter and can be a cosmetic concern for many people. Remember that, even after having a gummy smile, your teeth sizes might be appropriate; it is the excessive gum tissues that create all the differences. The gum contouring procedure helps in the rectification of this problem. The procedure involves removing and reshaping excess bone and gum tissues to expose more of your natural tooth. It can be executed on a single tooth, multiple teeth, or even the entire gum line. If you are concerned about your long teeth or receding gums, contact us at Trust Dental in Miami Lakes, FL. We have renowned cosmetic surgeons who can reshape your gum tissues and permanently smooth out your gum line to give you that perfect smile.

Who are the right candidates for this procedure?

If you have the following problems, your dentist might suggest you undergo the gum contouring procedure:

What are the advantages of gum contouring?

The gum contouring procedure offers a few benefits like:
If you have any of the above problems, visit our dental office and discuss the procedure with our dentist.


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